Horin Horikawa Incense Sticks
Horin Horikawa Incense Sticks
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Horin Horikawa Incense Sticks

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Horikawa (meaning “River Path”) is one of Shoyeido’s well-loved fragrance, a mild scent that draws out the sweet essence of sandalwood.

Shoyeido is one of the oldest purveyors of traditional natural incense since 1705. It was founded by Moriyoshi Rokuzaemon Hata in the heart of Kyoto after he received his formal training and service at the Imperial Palace, where he learned the court’s ancient traditions. Their name derives from the three kanji characters: Sho (松) “pine” Ei (栄) “prosperity” Do (堂) “company”, with pine representing the highest quality of wood in Japan. True to this name, Shoyeido’s master blenders have been preserving the art of natural incense-making by hand blending the finest fragrant wood and raw materials with techniques passed down through twelve generations.

The fragrant woods agarwood (Jinko) and sandalwood (Byakudan) form the raw materials of Japanese incense. Agarwood is a richly aromatic resin that is developed through the natural decomposition process of some rare trees, and its medicinal benefits have been well recognised among many cultures since ancient times. A careful selection of plant-based ingredients and spices are finely ground and combined together with pure water and a natural binding material called tabuko, allowing all of the elements to come together without the need of a bamboo core. Crucial to this refined process is achieving a delicate balance and ratio mixture, as well as harnessing careful control over temperature, moisture and drying time to achieve its resulting fragrance.

Burn Time: Approximately 20 minutes

Size: 20 sticks (Including a  incense holder)

Dimensions: 7cm each

Place of Origin: Kyoto, Japan

Instructions for Use

Place the ceramic holder underneath the incense coil. 
Light the tip of the incense with an open flame.
Blow it out after a second.
Leave the tip red.
Place a plate underneath the incense to catch the ash.


For safety, please pair it with the accompanying incense holder or place the incense in ashes.
Do not leave incense unattended.